Pet Sitting Professionals - We provide peace of mind while you're away from your pet.
Services and Rates
Overnight In-Home Sitting - our specialty!
Lessen the stress with pet sitting services in the safety and security of your own home. Overnights include evening and morning walks, feeding, play time, litter box/cage cleaning, mail and newspaper retrieval, plant watering and rotating lights. Additional walks/visits during the day can be added and scheduled for additional fee.
1 dog -  $70 per night, 2 dogs - $80 per night
3+ dogs - $90 per night with cats add $5 per night
We will also send emails, texts or picture communications while you're away!
Dog Walking
Our walks can be done in groups or individually based on dog temperament and owner preference.
Group - 45 min. trail hike:        1 dog - $25
    Includes pick-up & drop off  2 dogs - $40
We only take a maximum of 3 in a group for more personalization, quality and off-leash time for the dogs.

Individual - 30 min. neighborhood walk:  1 dog - $25
                                              2 dogs - $40
              45 min. neighborhood walk:  1 dog - $35
                                              2 dogs - $50
              60 min. neighborhood walk:  1 dog - $40
                                              2 dogs - $55
Additional Pet/Home Visits
Feedings, play time, medication or TLC for birds, rodents, turtles, fish and snakes can be arranged. This can also include bringing in newspapers, mail, packages; watering plants, taking trash/recycle cans in and out, turning lights on/off.
15-20 minute visit/pee break: $25
30-40 minute visit/pee break: $30
Cat Care
We love cats! We will feed, refresh water, give medication, clean litter box, play with and brush your cat(s).
15-20 min. - $25, 30 min. - $30, 45 min. - $35
No additional charge for multiple cats.
We walk rain or shine and on hot days, we carry lots of water for the dogs and stay in the shade as much as possible.
Before you hire us we will set up a "Meet and Greet" session with you and your pet(s). At which time we will record caretaking information, vet details and emergency contacts.
We take cash, checks, Venmo and PayPal.
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