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About Lynes
Pet Sitting Professionals - Ginger kisses!
I have been working with all types of animals in many different capacities since growing up here in Novato, living in Phoenix for 16 years, and now moving back to Marin in 2009.
I have owned dogs, cats, fish and birds and have cared for hamsters, rats, reptiles, rabbits and turtles over the years.
I volunteered and worked at an animal shelter while living in AZ and was the pet and house sitter of numerous friends and family while living there (1993-2009). I now volunteer at the Marin Humane Society and assist with dog training classes.
I am licensed, insured and American Red Cross certified in dog & cat first aid and CPR.
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Bailey in Tiburon

Bandit in Hamilton

The 3 Amigos!

Rocky, Fluffy & Daisy

Lola going fishing

Pet Sitting Professionals - Oscar

Pet Sitting Professionals - waking to the rooster

Chickens - Lock, Shock & Barrel

Pet Sitting Professionals - Naxos the skink

Pet Sitting Professionals - happy goat!

Pet Sitting Professionals - snake

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